covered car transport

Covered Car Transport Midlands

Moore Automotive was founded by Matthew Moore, before making Moore Automotive, Matthew spent over 28 years within the motoring industry and had gained invaluable knowledge at various levels, with our main office based in the Midlands. We are specialists in providing covered car transport to customers in the Midlands.

What can we transport with our covered car transport service?

We can move any passenger vehicle or light commercial van with our fleet of Vauxhall Monano’s or our Brian James trailers when using out covered car transport service in the Midlands. If you have something special then we have the largest enclosed Brian James trailer that will discreetly move any super car, classic car, prototype or concept car to any location, making sure that your car is safe and secure with our covered car transport service.


Covered car transport is essential if you have a classic, vintage or super car that needs transporting discreetly and securely. Moore Automotive have a fleet of covered car transporters, based in the Midlands, that have the capability to carry a wide range of vehicles. We will provide you with the necessary technical ability and knowledge to fulfil any covered car transport delivery requirements.

covered car transport midlands

All of our trailers, in the Midlands, are fitted with winching facilities to help with restoration projects, static models, non-runners and competition cars. With our excellent reputation within the automotive industry in the Midlands, our covered car transport service will ensure that your vehicle is fully protected eliminating damage from stone chips, traffic dirt and weather.


If you choose Moore Automotive’s covered car transport, you will receive a real time GPS tracker to help you know where your vehicle is at all times, we are obsessive about vehicle inspection, delivery and collect which is why we use the latest technology to keep you up to date with the journey of your vehicle. All transported vehicles are fully insured to actual market value with smart and professional drivers specifically trained in transporting cars not just within the Midlands, but also around Europe. We can guarantee that your vehicle will be delivered straight to you in a pristine delivery condition.