vehicle transport yorkshire

Vehicle Transport Yorkshire

Moore Automotive Vehicle Logistics offer a range of vehicle transport services like enclosed vehicle transport, caravan towing and motorbike transport to customers in Yorkshire. All of our services allow you to transport any type of vehicle across Yorkshire, the UK or Europe. Our vehicle transport team are trained and will ensure you receive an exceptional service, they will provide you with the necessary technical ability and knowledge to fulfil any of your vehicle transport requirements.

Why you need our vehicle transport service:

Whether you have purchased a vehicle from a dealership across the country or sold your vehicle to someone further away from Yorkshire, choosing the right vehicle logistics company is the one of the first things you need to do. All of the transporters that we use for our vehicle transport service are inspected every 8 weeks and are fully compliant with healthy and safety regulations.


Our enclosed vehicle transport used purpose-built Brian James race transporters that will carry a wide range of vehicles across Yorkshire. This service will make sure that your vehicle is always protected against stone chips, traffic, dirt or weather on its journey through Yorkshire. All of the trailers are also fitted with a winching facility which is perfect if you need to transport a restoration project, static model, non-runners or competition cars.



With all of our vehicle transport services, our transport vehicles are fitted with real time GPS tracking, so you can find out where your vehicle is at all times on its journey in Yorkshire. To give you the reassurance, we also have Goods in Transit insurance of up to £2 million per car and we are insured via UK household name with a standard and poor rating of AAA.


Are you looking to move your vehicle across Yorkshire? Get in touch with us today, we can discuss your requirements and then send you a free quote.