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Vehicle Transport Oxfordshire

Since 2016, Moore Automotive have been providing a range of vehicle transport services across Oxfordshire. Our services include enclosed vehicle transport, motorcycle transport, vehicle logisticscaravan towing. Our team will always deliver our car transport services to a high standard and can transport any type of vehicle across Oxfordshire, the UK or even Europe.


We don’t only transport cars, we can also transport motorbikes across Oxfordshire! We understand that it can be difficult to organise motorbike transport for a new bike or to transport one that has sold, it’s can be worrying thinking of the risk of your bike getting damaged. However, your motorbike will be in safe hands with our vehicle transport team! They will ensure your bike arrives to your desired location on time and in the same condition you left it in.

Enclosed vehicle transport service:

Our team have transported a range of vehicles across Oxfordshire with our enclosed vehicle transport service, like:

  • Classic cars

  • Race cars

  • Prototypes

  • Super cars

  • New/used car deliveries

  • Corporate vehicles

We always recommend using our enclosed vehicle transport service as your car will always be protected from stone chips, traffic, dirt or the bad weather. To ensure the safety of your vehicle, we have purpose-built Brian James Race transporters that can fully protect your vehicle. With this vehicle transport service, we offer complete confidentiality, security and safety.

Our enclosed vehicle transport trailer in Oxfordshire

No matter what vehicle transport service you choose, we will ensure that the service is tailored to your exact needs. We have also fitted all of our transport services with a GPS so you are always aware of where your vehicle is in Oxfordshire in real time, giving you a peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.


Moore Automotive Vehicle Logistics has over 28 years of experience in the vehicle transport industry and transporting cars across Oxfordshire. We have easy access to all of the main roads and motorways from our office in the UK.

If you need to use our vehicle transport service to transport your car across Oxfordshire, get in touch with us today.