This image shows the trailer we use for our enclosed vehicle transport service in the UK


Moore Automotive Vehicle Logistics was established by Matthew Moore in 2016. Matthew has 28 years’ experience in the motoring industry with invaluable knowledge about vehicle transport. Before creating Moore Automotive, Matthew was Head of Business for a Jaguar Land Rover retailer in the Midlands for 9 years, expanding his knowledge in the automotive industry.


After his job at Jaguar Land Rover, Matthew decided to use his skills and experience to create a vehicle logistic company that can make a difference and offer you a better service compared to other vehicle transport companies.

Moore Automotive started off with only one set of trade plates but by delivering an exceptional service, we have been able to grow into the company we are today offering an outstanding vehicle transport service.

Unlike other companies that are beholden to investors or shareholders, we are focused on building a reputation in the vehicle transport industry that allows us to deliver our unique services at a fair price to you.

Moore Automotive offer a car transport service to customers in the UK

Did you know that our head office is set within the heart of Worcestershire? This give us easy access to all of the main roads to get to your desired locations. By being able to easily access the M5, M42, M6 and M1 we can reach most parts of the UK in hours, making our vehicle transport service run smoothly.

We work with high end car dealerships to transport your brand new car to your home

We can move any passenger vehicle or light commercial van using our fleet of Vauxhall Monano’s or our Brian James trailers. If you do require specialist vehicle transport then we will use our enclosed Brian James trailer that can discreetly move any supercars, classic cars, concept cars or prototypes.

All of our vehicles are fully compliant and are meticulously maintained to the highest level. To give you the reassurance that your valuables are safe we only insure through A+ insurance companies. We have Goods in Transit insurance of up to £2 million per car and we are insured via UK household name with a standard and poor rating of AAA. 


We only use the latest technology for our vehicle transport services, an electronic proof of collection or delivery can be sent to multiple recipients letting you stay up to date at all times of your vehicles journey. All of our transporters have trackers so we can always tell you the location of your delivery.

Moore Automotive Vehicle Logistics providing a range of car transport services across the UK