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Motorbike Transport Midlands

Moore Automotive was founded in 2016 by Matthew Moore. Matthew has over 28 years over experience in the motoring industry and created Moore Automotive to focus on building a reputation for the highest standard in the industry in the UK. We are a growing business based in the Midlands that offers unique prices at a fair price. Our motorbike transport service is also fully insured.


Organising motorbike transport on a newly bought or sold bike should be an easy task, but if you need to get it to another location, in the Midlands, you could risk it getting damaged without even riding it. Our motorbike transport service will be dealt with by our fully trained staff ensuring that your bike arrives to your desired location, in the Midlands, on time and in the same condition it left it.

Preparing your bike for transport in the Midlands:

You need to do certain things to prepare for motorbike transport. Firstly, you will need to check your bike for any previous damage and note it down, or whether it has any mechanical issues. You can take photos of any damage.

Let us know if the motorbike isn’t running and we can accommodate it, if there are any special directions on how to operate or handle your motorbike let us know. This will make sure the motorbike transport runs smoothly.

Finally, make sure the tires are inflated and the battery is charged. You will also need to fill the tank between a quarter and half full.

motorbike transport midlands

Our motorbike transport service can also be enclosed for delivery. This will cover your bike completely, protecting your bike from any elements of damage on its journey around the Midlands. If you would prefer open transport it does leave it more vulnerable, but the vast majority of motorbikes are never damaged during open transport around the Midlands.


We want to help you get your bike ready for its journey! With our motorbike transport service, your motorbike will get to any location you need within the Midlands or Europe, safely, securely and on time.