Moore Autmotive vehicle logistics trailer in the UK


Moore Automotive offer a vehicle transport and delivery service that is unique and bespoke to your needs, specialising in dealership transport. We understand the love that you have for your new vehicle so we will work with the dealership and transport it in a safe and secure manner and delivered on time. Since starting our vehicle logistics service we have grown our portfolio to work with some of the top dealerships in the UK. Whether it is auto auction transport, trade plated movements, dealer traders or just need to transport a vehicle to a customer that’s far away – Moore Automotive Vehicle Logistics can help.

With vehicle logistics, we offer these services:

  • Dealer transfers

  • Dealer intergroup transfers

  • Docks-to-dealer multiple transport runs

  • Any vehicle size delivered on transporters or trailers

  • New and used car retail vehicle handover

  • Professional driven vehicle deliveries and handover

We offer a vehicle logistics service for new cars and can deliver them to your property in the UK

All new vehicles will be delivered by our fully trained vehicle logistics staff. They understand what is required and will respond to any questions or requests as soon as possible, resulting in a flawless service.

All of our transporters and trailers are regularly services and our HGV transporters are inspected ever 8 weeks to ensure we comply with our operators licence.

Our vehicle logistics team have experience in retail handover

If you require a retail handover then our experienced team will can follow the exact manufacturer standards protecting you against any important CSI scores. To further safeguard your CSI, we also ask you to rate the handover experience you had with us, regarding your vehicle logistics service.

Whether you have purchased a vehicle from a dealership that is across the country or sold your car to somewhere further away, choosing the right vehicle logistics company is the first thing you need to do. We can assure you that our service will handle everything you need when delivering a car. A customer who has a smooth delivery is more likely to return to you when buying their next vehicle. With Moore Automotive, you will receive a top-quality service that is second to none.